IRS Glitch Prompts Agency To Give Taxpayers Until Midnight to File


The deadline for filing has been extended until tomorrow night at midnight after its computer system had a day-long breakdown.

It's unclear how many people were affected but, by comparison, about 5 million tax returns were filed on the final day of last year's tax season. The tax code has only grown more complex during that period and the population of the United States has increased, along with the number of people who file electronically. "Taxpayers should continue filing their tax returns as they normally would". "But in general, electronic tracking is much easier for enforcement instead of having multiple copies of returns".

That system allows the agency to accept returns from popular software problems like TurboTax and H&R Block.

The IRS said the problems were likely hardware-related. But you still have to pay your taxes.

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Trump will reportedly file by October 15, the deadline set by the IRS for those who request extensions.

If a taxpayer can't pay their balance due all at once, they may qualify for one of several tax payment alternatives.

Despite the fact you can indeed request a six-month extension on the IRS website, some lawmakers are calling BS.

Former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen warned previous year of a possible system failure, partly because of underfunding of the agency. If you're expecting a refund you don't need to do this-the IRS gives you three years to file your taxes if they owe you money-although of course you'll delay getting that money and they won't pay interest on it. However, when taxpayers use software providers to submit their tax returns, the returns are first routed through an IRS system. If they don't file either a return or an extension by the April 18 deadline, they're going to face a monthly penalty that is 10 times more than the penalty for not paying their tax bill. According to the Washington Post report, IRS Acting Commissioner David J. Kautter has stated, "If we can't solve it today we'll figure out a solution".