Uber Kenya signs deals with nine firms for driver benefits


Back in January, Uber established a pilot allowing consumers to reserve rides on leap's bicycles in sanfrancisco in its app.

The company announced a partnership with Masabi, a public transit mobile ticketing startup.

Khosrowshahi said the new plans would help Uber offer solutions for an increasingly urban world population and reduce the need for vehicle ownership.

The partnership with Jump will mean riders can find and unlock an e-bike through the Uber app. "I want you to be able to take an Uber and get into the subway... get out and have an Uber waiting for you".

He noted how Uber, for example, invests hundreds of millions to offer deeply discounted shared-ride services such as UberPool and Express Pool. "Uber paved the way for a new paradigm in urban mobility, and we're tremendously excited to power seamless connectivity between Uber's options and public transit, reducing the number of cars on the road and enabling more on-demand transportation". "As we think about a solution for urban mobility for cities, we have to have a solution for auto ownership and we have to work together to make sure that living in a city or living in an urban destination doesn't require you to own a vehicle", he said.

Most recently CEO at travel site Expedia, Khosrowshahi took over the reins at Uber last August from Travis Kalanick after the company endured several months of nonstop scandals, ignited by allegations of a toxic corporate culture brought to light in a memo early a year ago by former engineer Susan Fowler. This can allow users to reserve public transit trips within the Uber app.

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On Wednesday, Uber said it will add auto rentals, train booking and other new services to its platform in some United States cities.

Khosrowshahi said Uber supports dedicated funding for Metro, seeing it as a proposal "that ultimately, long term, is going to benefit us as well".

Peddling pedals: Earlier this week the firm also revealed that it had acquired the dockless-bike firm Jump.

No stranger to controversy, Uber's rise has not been irresistible, but it is certainly becoming an ubiquitous aspect for many in global cities.

While this much is going for Uber, Khosrowshahi said at an event sponsored by Goldman Sachs: "I want to run the bus systems for a city". A wide selection of auto types will probably be designed for users, and vehicles can be rented for just as an hour or so for days.

The company hopes that the data in the map will be used by city planners to better develop driving infrastructure in the city. This is aimed at convincing authorities to create more space in cities for ride-hailing companies like Uber. It now offers detailed information on Boston, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, plus cities in other countries.