Russian Plane Loses Gold Bars Worth $378 M After Door Breaks


A Nimbus Airlines AN-12 cargo plane encountered some issues during takeoff, causing it to drop the precious metals and jewels all over the runway at Yakutsk airport.

Immediately after the plane took off, its left back door fell off.

"172 bars have been found weighing around 3.4 tonnes", the local interior ministry told TASS state news agency.

The cargo of bars of concentrated ore used to transport the precious metals weighed 9.3 tonnes.

The gold is being collected on the runway and in the nearby areas of the Yakutsk airfield in east Siberia, Russia, the Telegram Channel Mash said.

The aircraft continued to lose its cargo until it performed an emergency landing 16 miles away from its original location.

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The crew chose to take the cargo plane back to Yakutsk after the aircraft lost the cargo as far as 26 kilometres from the airport, according to The Siberian Times report.

The plane was en route to Krasnoyarsk and further to Kupol (Dome) mine.

Technical engineers at the airport who prepared the plane for takeoff have been detained.

The plane had been taking off after refueling at the airport when its cargo door flew open.

Police have sealed off the runway, and say it is unclear if it was an accident or a deliberate attempt at a heist.

It's worth noting that Canadian Kinross Gold owns 75% of the company.