Logan Paul Tases Dead Rat, YouTube Temporarily Suspends Advertising


Earlier this year, the 22-year-old sparked global outrage after posting a video appearing to show a man's body at the Aokigahara forest in Japan - a location known for its high rate of suicides. While the company's previous punishment removed Paul from its top-tier ad revenue streams, this decision will keep him from profiting on any of his content until the decision is reversed.

Internet personality Logan Paul appears on "Good Morning America", Feb. 1.

In addition, he fired a Taser on a dead rat in his most recent video, as YouTube noted in announcing its decision to pull ads from Logan's channels. Since issuing the apology video, however, Paul has recently suggested on Twitter that he'd swallow Tide Pods and tried to monetize a video that violated YouTube's advertiser guidelines (YouTube didn't say which). And after saying Paul may face further consequences for the suicide video, YouTube said it would address "egregious" content from all creators. As such, the vlogger has once again been bad news for YouTube, with criticism coming over Paul's negative influence.

Since his return, however, Paul has joked about taking the unsafe "Tide Pod challenge", in which people eat laundry pods and post a video, and on February 5, Tasered a dead rat. He's gained almost 1 million subscribers since the start of 2018 despite his antics.

Controversial YouTube star Logan Paul has been dealt a blow after YouTube has suspended all advertising on his videos.

In a video uploaded to his channel this week, Paul and a pair of friends encounter a two dead rats on a patio and briefly discuss how to dispose of the carcasses.

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I'm not going to comment on the morality of these activities, because I don't really care about them.

From YouTube's statement, it's clear that the company is not just concerned with Paul's moral development, but how his actions might cause controversy for advertisers.

The same video saw him remove a live fish from a pond and joke about performing CPR on it.

Logan Paul is probably right.

Removing the ads hits Paul in the wallet, but the age gate also cuts into his viewership.