Black Panther Gets Second Rotten Review


What do you think a War Machine movie could be about? In an interview, Boseman was asked if he thinks it would have been possible for a white director to make "Black Panther'".

"Would they have his perspective, like the perspective [Coogler] brought to the movie?"

Featuring Jorja Smith, Travis Scott, ScHoolboy Q and more, Black Panther: The Album plans to take listeners to the forward-thinking world of the groundbreaking superhero before the movie's theatrical debut nationwide on February 16.

At that meeting, they also said they were thinking of doing a War Machine movie. Probably not. It wouldn't be nuanced in the same way because they don't have the same conflict.

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And at the launch for the limited-edition Clarks Originals x Black Panther sneaker, Racked spoke with the costume designer to learn how that inspiration played out on screen.

Ever since White Supremacists claimed New Balance as the official attire of the Alt-Right, it feels like the clothing brand has been trying like heck to remind everyone that they're not with racial suppression and are actually down with the Hip-Hop scene. The critics' consensus is that the film "elevates superhero cinema to thrilling new heights while telling one of the MCU's most absorbing stories".

The disc will be in stores physically on February 16, the same day the film opens.

"The trouble with the highly anticipated Black Panther is that it doesn't know what it wants to be: super hero extravaganza, activist action flick, James Bond wannabe or Coming to America", the review states in part.