Trump takes to Twitter to blast Democrats over DACA


Congressional Democrats, hoping for a vote tsunami in midterm elections this fall, are being driven on by a raging anti-Trump grassroots voting base as they seek to shield almost 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought illegally to the United States as children.

"It's a bit naïve for Democrats to think when they control no branches of government ... they're gonna get everything they want", he said.

He insisted the White House was "ready, willing and able to make a deal on DACA".

"It's frightful for the security of our country", Trump said, noting there was not enough funding for the wall he has promised to build on the U.S.

Ten is also the number of Democratic votes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell may need to peel away to fund the government before a Friday midnight shutdown deadline, so red-state Democrats will come under intense pressure.

Regarding DACA, the president reiterated that he was working toward a deal, but that Democrats were not helping.

Sunday, Durbin told media in Chicago he stuck by his initial account of the president's words. There's been bipartisan support for passing an alternative, but lawmakers have yet to reach an agreement.

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"Lindsey - he meant well - but I said, 'Well, how many Republicans agree with this?'" Trump said. "To know that one day we could get taken out of here, it breaks my heart", Jesus said.

"The budget needs to be a separate item, we want a clean budget bill, we're still hopeful that can happen", she said.

The decision will prove calamitous not only for more than 200 000 people who have lived legally in the United States for much of their lives, but it could also have catastrophic consequences for El Salvador and end up being harmful for the United States, as well, by making conditions so much worse in a fragile country that it would spark a massive wave of illegal immigration and a worsening in criminal activity. Both Democrats and Republicans have said it's the other party's fault if the government does end up shutting down. However, as lawmakers return from the holiday weekend, the mood on Capitol Hill between the two parties - and even between factions within Republican enclaves - has soured after a tumultuous week that included a bipartisan group of senators announcing they had an immigration deal, Trump rejecting it and reports that the President had used vulgar language to describe the African nations affected by such a proposal. "DACA is probably dead", he said in a Twitter post Sunday. Kamala Harris and Sen.

Is this any different than shoplifters demanding that they be allowed to keep what they-or, in this case, their illegal-immigrant parents-have stolen?

President Donald Trump boards Air Force One on January 12. "He is a bigot. I am using his own actions and words to indict him for being a racist".

Then there are Democrats who scent a chance to stand firm on immigration to woo 2020 primary voters, who will pick who will duel an apparently weakened President for the White House.

Some might answer that now that the president has made his displeasure with that compromise clear - since it doesn't do more to close the door on immigrants not possessed of that ineffable quality that resides in people from places such as Norway - the deal is in peril. Her parents came to the US legally but have since moved back, she said. President Trump announced in September that the program will be terminated by March 5, 2018, which will lead to the deportation of almost 700,000 DREAMers brought as children to the United States.