Nintendo Debuts New Way to Play Video Games with Cardboard Accessories


Not the most clarifying statement, but it is commendable to see the company position the imaginative add-on to the wildly successful Nintendo Switch as a family-oriented, collective experience.

Those looking to add some creativity to their cardboard toys can purchase a $9.99 "Customization Set" that adds stencils, stickers and colored tape to help your personalize your newly made accessories, though you can also presumably use any markers or stickers you already own to spice things up.

The Toy-Cons line will be available in April. A house, with the Switch displaying an interior you can customize!

Nintendo showcased the breadth of its creations in the debut video for Labo - here, for instance, is a little house.

In interviews since Labo's announcement, Reggie Fils-Aime has now given a few more opinions and views on how he feels about Labo, and the potential for VR in Nintendo's future.

So, what exactly is Nintendo Labo?

They have long aimed to find and create "new ways of playing" - this time it involves cardboard boxes.

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There are still a lot of questions to answer about Nintendo Labo, about the quality and longevity of both the games and the cardboard, but the idea itself is excellent.

For starters, the Nintendo Labo Variety Kit comes with the game for your Switch, alongside 25 total pieces of thick cardboard that are used to make the game work. These include the Robot Kit (players can build their own cardboard robot) and the Variety Kit (including an RC auto, a piano, a fishing rod, a house, and a motorbike), but the announcement trailer for the Labo hinted at several future Toy-Cons kits too. Get on it, Nintendo.

There were many theories about what Nintendo was going to announce yesterday, but I've yet to read one that saw this coming. "It is an exciting evolution of the Nintendo Switch platform - one created to inspire curiosity, creativity and imagination in people of all ages". The Japanese gaming giant deems those creations "Toy-Cons".

Nintendo Labo pre-orders have started at some stores and remain missing at others. By switching to cardboard, Nintendo is actively encouraging people to customise and play around with their creations (and even make their own).

When Labo launches on April 20, it'll cost buyers a minimum of $69.99 for the cheapest kit.

The Nintendo Labo Robot Kit lets kids make a motion controlled robot suit that responds to their arm and feet movements.

The other is the Robot Kit which will turn you and your switch into a mecha warrior.