'12 Strong': Chris Hemsworth Hopes Film Can Reduce 'Misconceptions' About Afghanistan


Based on a nonfiction book by Doug Stanton, "12 Strong" has a curiously old-fashioned feel for a contemporary war film.

The film is set to be released in the United States on January 19, 2018, in standard and IMAX theaters.

Unlike his non-superhero star turns in Blackhat and the Huntsman movies, Hemsworth's charisma and physical presence really pop here; in the insane situation of soldiers on horses facing off with an armored division, he at least looks strong enough to survive the experience.

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"12 Strong" lacks depth but fulfills its mission to entertain. But the well-chosen, charismatic cast makes the most out of the material. "That impact can not be denied". Mitch and his troops don't have to think hard about fighting back, yet they're torn between duty and the families they're choosing to leave behind.

On a bright autumn morning, Mitch Nelson (Chris Hemsworth) is relaxing with his wife and daughter when he happens to glance at the television screen and witnesses something so horrific that it's as if time has stopped: a plane flying straight into the World Trade Center. Yet he's the kind of gung-ho volunteer who's got sharpshooting in his blood. He goes on to cite Officer Hal Spencer's (the always scorchingly intense Michael Shannon) eyes as the telling sign of a true warrior, versus someone less experienced such as Mitch who apparently relies too heavily on strategical plans instead of using the passion of the moment to fuel the fire for victory. A family man who only recently arranged to become a desk jockey, Nelson, as the movie presents it, gets slapped awake by 9/11 and fights the bureaucracy to win his shot on the ground. They've got high-tech equipment up the wazoo, as well as B-52 air support.

Sans magic hammer, Chris Hemsworth's career as a leading man is spotty at best. 12 Strong isn't hurting for talent; it's hurting for a script that will make use of that talent. "That said it's aiming for brains as well as brawn as much as it is shock and awe and, as a whole, it's not as far off the mark as some people might expect it to be".