'Fire and Fury' is Being Adapted as a Series


It's officially been confirmed: Fire and Fury, the buzzed-about book following the first year of the Trump administration, will be adapted into a TV show.

Simply put, the White House was duped into thinking Wolff would give the Trump administration an opportunity and platform to counter reports in the mainstream media.

Surprisingly, Trump has remained quiet on the announcement of the Fire and Fury TV series, which is odd considering the chaos and threats that ensued after the book made a huge splash in and outside of political circles earlier this month.

The title Fire and Fury refers to what the Trump campaign had planned to release, once they had lost the election to Hilary Clinton.

As the Hollywood Reporter notes, Fire and Fury remains the No. 1 best-selling book in the world, and rights have been sold to it in 32 countries. In the first week, they reported more than 1.4 million hardcover copies on order and 700,000 copies shipped. Wolff will serve as an executive producer for the series, alongside longtime Channel 4 and BBC executive Michael Jackson.

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How did Michael Wolff get access for his book?

The Hollywood Reporter reported Wednesday that the deeply divisive New York Times bestseller is being shopped to networks by Endeavor Content, which purchased the rights in a deal that is said to be worth in the seven-figure range.

Wolff's book, which was pre-empted by leaks and excerpts, was scheduled to be published on January 9, but that date was changed to January 5 in an effort to thwart the White House's attempt to block it's publication.

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