Dahanu: Boat carrying 40 children capsized off the coast, 4 dead


Police said, three girls drowned yesterday and five are feared missing after the boat carrying almost 40 students capsized off the coast of Dahanu.

Sources said the boat lost balance when several students shifted to one side.

Thirty-two of the children were rescued in a massive search and rescue operation, launched after the students fell into waters around five km in the sea off the beach.

According to ANI, 2 ISVs deployed for patrol in area have been diverted for search and rescue operations along with 3 Coast Guard units already in area. According to police sources, the tragic incident took place two nautical miles from the shore.

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Another 29 children were rescued by officers and navy members after the incident occured off Dahanu, a town in Maharashtra state.

The Indian Coast Guard station at Dahanu is coordinating with local authorities and school staff to confirm the number of students.

The uncle of One of the students has alleged that the "boat service had started only a week ago". The police said the students had taken the trip on their own and they are still unclear about how many were on the boat as the survivors had no idea either. The Palghar police along with fire brigade and coast guard started their rescue operation immediately on receiving the information. The school is said to be KL Ponda high school from Dahanu. Both the 17-year-old students were residents of Dahanu.