Look At This Giant Detective Pikachu Amiibo


Accompanied by a boy named Tim Goodman, the duo embark on a journey across Ryme City in search of mysteries to solve.

Nintendo unveiled today a giant new Detective Pikachu amiibo. Look forward to plenty of other fascinating people in Ryme City.but it's up to you to figure out who to trust! While Reynolds is a great choice, the internet has cried out for months that Danny Devito should voice the detective Pokémon.

At long last, we'll finally be able to solve crimes with Pikachu, as Nintendo has announced the western release of Detective Pikachu on Nintendo 3DS. Upon use, it will unlock short videos which will provide hints for your investigations. The base is apparently oversized as well, so this will be a definite addition to my personal amiibo collection.

A special Detective Pikachu amiibo is in the works, too.

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It makes sense that Nintendo is bringing the game to other regions, as its first live-action movie adaptation of the game is now in production.

Trusted Reviews has compiled everything you need to know about Detective Pikachu including all the latest news, release date, gameplay trailers and more! Not only will it serve as the cutest kaiju on your toy shelf, but it will also reveal "Pika Prompts" within the game that will help players find clues.

The New Nintendo 2DS XL system has an eye-catching yellow design and features a stylised close-up of the electric mouse's face. The trailer makes it clear that this isn't Ash's Pikachu, but a totally different Pikachu altogether which makes it much less confusing/uncomfortable-but definitely not less jarring.