With federal threat, marijuana businesses in MA go cash only


The remarks from Lelling, a nominee of President Donald Trump, came in response to the questions raised when U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions rescinded the Cole Memorandum, an Obama-era policy that calls for the U.S. government not to interfere with states' marijuana laws. And medical marijuana has been recognized as helpful in treating the effects of chemotherapy and easing the eye pressure associated with glaucoma.

The so-called Cole Memoranda, named for James Cole, the Deputy Attorney General under President Obama, were a series of memoranda issued by the DOJ from 2009 through 2014 and articulated the federal government's desire to prioritize its investigative and prosecutorial resources in light of the enactment by several states of laws relating to the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

Marijuana is legal for adult recreational use in eight states.

A state's choice to legalize marijuana, for medical or recreational use, means that the state government will not prosecute sale or possession. What will happen to those folks, among others currently engaged with the industry, has now been thrown into a new state of uncertainty by Sessions' move.

As of publication, there have been no reported cases of federal crackdowns on dispensaries, cultivation facilities or manufacturers in states where such marijuana-related activities are lawful under state law. "As a law enforcement officer in the executive branch, it is my sworn responsibility to enforce that law".

We don't agree. We believe federal oversight - however limited - of this controversial decision to legalize recreational marijuana will only benefit MA residents, who appear increasingly opposed to legalized pot. "I do not want Arkansas to become a recreational use state".

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The Department of Justice and Republican Sen.

The second raised the question of using federally-apportioned water, i.e. Colorado River water, to grow a crop which is illegal under federal law. "'Because of the comments of the U.S. attorney, we are no longer able to use debit cards, '" Will Luzier of the Marijuana Policy Project of MA said.

Gardner described a conversation with the attorney general in which he emphasized two themes - states' rights and sticking by one's word - while Sessions played down the significance of the policy shift. Washington, a state with a severely regressive taxation system, levies a 37 percent excise tax on legal marijuana sales.

"I think the big message to the United States attorney's office should be if you have limited resources let's focus on the thing that's killing people here every day in the commonwealth which is street drugs and fentanyl", Baker told reporters.

"Trump needs to realize that a lot of his supporters are pro-cannabis and it would be extremely hurtful to them if he allowed Sessions to move forward with this", said Damara Kelso, a Trump voter who runs Sugar Shack Farms, a marijuana grower in Eugene, Oregon. The same Sessions who once said he thought the Ku Klux Klan were okay till he found out they smoked pot.