Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders battle MSNBC's Hallie Jackson over Trump's FISA tweets


At 7:33 am ET, Trump tweeted that the "controversial FISA ACT" may have been used to "badly surveil and abuse the Trump Campaign by the previous administration", an odd missive that seemed to ignore the "foreign" part of FISA.

Sanders likely will face questions about President Donald Trump's views on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

At today's White House briefing, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders refused to say if Donald Trump will appoint a new Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, after firing all its members over the holidays.

After NBC's Hallie Jackson asked how in light of Trump's mixed messages, the public "is supposed to trust... that the people representing the president's position actually are", Sanders suggested Jackson was not educated enough to understand the FISA issue.

"We don't think there was a conflict at all", Sanders said, adding that Trump was pleased with the House bill but has "overall concern" about the surveillance policies. The Trump White House has seen more first-year staff turnovers than any other administration, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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CNN reported that "no one" was happy with the originally proposed ban, some people wondering how they would be able to stay in contact with their families while working 12-plus-hour workdays.

Trump was referring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which lets spy agencies collect information on foreign targets overseas.

"They're actually better than they've been in a long time", said Acosta.

President Donald Trump is finding it hard to recruit staff to fill the vacancies, several people close to the West Wing say, as he faces the second year of his administration with daunting political odds and an ongoing Russian Federation investigation.