Justin Timberlake infuriates Dylan Farrow with Woody Allen 'hypocrisy' at Golden Globes


Ahead of last night's ceremony, Justin shared a snap of him with his actress wife Jessica Biel, both dressed in black, with the singer accessorising his tux with the pin, produced to highlight sexual misconduct. "Not just because he was a great thinker, because I have been known to have some reasonably profound insights myself, although mine invariably revolve around two eighteen-year-old cocktail waitresses and some rope handcuffs", reads the notes in a draft of short story "My Apology", according to Morgan.

Hollywood is smack bang in the middle of a revolution against sexual harassment and abuse, but Dylan Farrow has had it with some stars' apparent hypocrisy.

She praised those for making a statement wearing black on the red carpet but she begged the question: "Is time really up now?"

Hours before the Golden Globes aired, Dylan Farrow tweeted a reminder of why she went public with her accusations against her father some years ago. At best, Woody Allen could be creepily obsessed by children; at worst, he's a sexual predator who has been given a free pass in Hollywood for decades.

We can no longer let these men represent us in entertainment, politics, or any other realm. "That is an admirable and worthwhile objective, I hope these women change the world", Farrow said.

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"I haven't gone through his personal journals and I knew that... shocked the people that work with this man #ambition is [blind]", she wrote on Twitter.

Mia Farrow and Woody Allen are pictured here together in 1985. Even in the wake of the #MeToo movement and the more recent Time's Up initiative (which dominated Golden Globes coverage), celebrities compliment Allen's work and vie to act in his movies.

"I struggle with how a powerful force like Justin Timberlake can claim to be in awe of the strength of women and stand with them at this #MeToo moment and then in the next breath say that working with Woody Allen is a 'dream come true, '" Farrow told Buzzfeed. "It's one of my most heartbreaking mistakes", Krumholtz tweeted.

"It's of course particularly hard for me as a survivor of sexual abuse to know that for these particular individuals I am not part of the "every woman" they stand for", Farrow said.