No such thing as Trump fatigue for Stephen Colbert


Even without the unfettered access Wolff had, Colbert's new, 10-part animated series for Showtime, "Our Cartoon President", portrays a commander-in-chief with a short attention span and an obsession with cable news.

The first trailer for Stephen Colbert's Our Cartoon President is here.

"There is nothing in the book that's not in our show - and we just guessed!"

Talking to the media at the Television Critics Association's winter press tour, Colbert said the series will have more of a character-focused narrative as opposed to attempting to keep up with the rapidly changing current affairs. There is no escaping it. "That would be like oxygen fatigue".

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While the late-night show finds comedy out of day-to-day news, "Our Cartoon President" seeks to develop characters of the president, his family and administration figures.

"Our Cartoon President" debuts Sunday, Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. on Showtime, though Episode 1 will be watchable online and on-demand starting Sunday, Jan. 28 - ahead of real Trump's State of the Union address. "We're not putting a lot of animation time into Rex Tillerson". "The great thing about the Trump administration is whatever you can imagine, you're right". I don't want to describe that as a good thing.

"I love my country more than I love a good joke", Stephen Colbert says.

It borders on headache inducing to watch and listen to Colbert in full flow, and he only slows down a little to explain that when he imitates Trump on his nightly CBS show, he's not meaning to mimic Trump himself. Colbert is so amped, so concentrated on jeering at Trump.