Courtney Roland was 'confused' had 'problems with memory' after being found


Roland apparently texted her friend to say a suspicious man was following her at a Walgreens.

Houston police got a tip from a passeryby who spotted Roland under a bridge before 8:15 a.m. nearby time Monday.

Houston Police told NBC News that missing journalist, Courtney Roland has been found. Police said, "She appears unharmed".

She had texted her roommate that a suspicious man in a blue truck was following her, according to Houston-based KPRC.

Houston Police said they do not suspect foul play. And I know Courtney would be praying for you, because that's the way she was.

UPDATE: Houston Police tweeted out that Roland was found, seemingly unharmed, around 9:35 am.

"She seems pretty confused about everything", said Houston Police.

Courtney Roland, 29, reports on football for, a website that follows Texas A&M sports teams. "I am buying an iPad".

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Police say Roland has been taken to a hospital for evaluation. Last heard wearing Remington hat and camp and in a white Jeep Cherokee.

'Thank Jesus!' her friend Brian Perroni, who had been working with the family to share updates of her disappearance, tweeted.

Vara should meet soon thereafter with Roland, however she didn't appear.

A message left on her phone was not immediately returned.

Roland was last seen around 4 p.m. Saturday wearing black trousers, black shoes with orange shoe laces, an orange hat and a camouflage jacket, police said.

Her parents Steve and Cindy, as well as her extended family, also appealed for her to come home, saying, on Khou, 'We love you.

Before she was found, many people took to Twitter to use the hashtag #HelpFindCourtney in an effort to locate her. Gov. Greg Abbott was among them.