Ryan Shazier making progress, regaining feeling in legs, father says


"He's making progress daily", Shazier's father, Vernon, said, via WPXI.

It's great to know that Shazier is making progress and remaining in good spirits.

Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has not appeared in a game since the team's Week 12 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on December 4, a game he left in the first quarter after suffering what was declared to be a spinal contusion.

Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier has regained feeling in his legs, according to a report by WPXI-Pittsburgh.

Vernon Shazier, a pastor who recently began giving sermons again, recalled wanting to switch positions with his son when he first saw the injury.

Ryan Shazier has a long road ahead of him to return back to normal, so any accomplishment at this point is huge.

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"He said, 'Daddy, pray for me". He underwent spinal stabilization surgery shortly thereafter and faces a lengthy period of rehabilitation, with his football career very much in doubt.

Late last month, Shazier made an appearance before the Steelers' matchup against the Patriots.

To make the situation just a little bit better for Shazier, his father, Vernon, has been there every step of the way to help his son and spread good thoughts for him on his Twitter feed.

When asked by Sylvester if he had seen his son walking, Vernon Shazier said that would remain "private" for the time being.

"When he went down", Vernon said, "all of us went down with him". "He's a long way from where he was on Monday night". "I Shalieve. I Shalieve", Vernon said.