Microsoft Pulls PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Ad That Appeared to Steal a Fan's Concept


Microsoft has been forced to drop an advert for PUBG on Xbox One, after a fan of the game pointed out that it ripped off an image they had created. Microsoft likely brokered a deal to keep the game exclusive to Xbox in the console market for a certain amount of time, similar to how 2015's "Rise of the Tomb Raider" was an Xbox One exclusive for 12 months. He added that they would analyze the Xbox One version first before bringing the game to other platforms.

"The final goal would be to launch the title on every platform."
Because of this, it can be jarring when you check out the Most Played category and see Ark: Survival Evolvedor H1Z1 above PUBG when it had a whopping concurrent player count of 3 million just days ago.

He wouldn't be pressed into revealing a timescale for when the game is expected to leave Xbox One's Game Preview service, but that may indicate when the console exclusivity will end.

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Steam is leading the pack with a fascinating peek behind its typically-impenetrable curtain, offering up lists of 2017's best-selling games, top new releases and games that boasted the highest number of simultaneous players. The game, which piles 100 players onto an island and asks them to reenact the film "Battle Royale", spent most of 2017 as a PC exclusive before hitting Xbox One in December. "However, PlayStation is very strict about this", Kim said.

The game's creators want to go even further than smashing Steams records.

It's not clear what game Han Kim is referring to in this instance, but the CEO added that the studio is still learning how to develop for consoles, and beginning to understand console gamers' tastes. Not only is there a measly 4 points between the median score for Platinum rank games and the median score for Bronze rank games, the Platinum rank contains two games scored at a mere 69 - Warframe and Ghost Recon Wildlands.