DeShone Kizer: Cleveland Browns coach Hue Jackson one of NFL's best


At the very least, we need to make sure we get a livestream of Hue Jackson jumping into Lake Erie, which is something the Browns coach has to do now if he's a man of his word. Unfortunately for Cleveland fans, he was unable to fulfill that promise this year, as the Browns are 0-15 going into their season finale Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. But even amid these hard times, both Jackson and players believe they see a light at the end of the tunnel. "No one ever thought it was going to be this hard, neither".

"Let me go back and clarify what I said, " Jackson said. "We've just got to get through this phase".

"I have enjoyed our conversations, and I know what our vision is as an organization for our football team", Jackson said.

Jackson stressed that dynamic as the Browns prepare for their arch rival and glean bright spots from an otherwise frustrating and sometimes dispiriting campaign.

"I don't like it, don't like to do it for the reason why I'm having to do it, but I have to make do on my word", Jackson said. "We know how to do that".

Before the season, Jackson promised the team would not go 1-15 and said he would jump in Lake Erie if they did. I feel like they did a good job. "He's a guy who brings tremendous energy to a team".

"He gets this team to go out there and keep fighting every game, regardless of what's going on", running back Duke Johnson added.

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"You can't sugarcoat it", Jackson said.

"He's one of the best in the league", quarterback DeShone Kizer said.

He's not going to just do it without any meaning, however. "For me, I feel like when I make that decision, which will be after the season, that is really what it is going to come down to".

Jackson, who's admitted the Browns' struggles have weighed on him, said he hopes he's created an environment built to last through tough times like these.

"Leadership to me is priceless", he said. It's more important to me than sometimes Xs and Os and all this other stuff because it's through these times that if you have the wrong leader, it will fall apart.

Isaiah Crowell was initially miffed about Hue Jackson's take on his 59-yard run against the Ravens, but the two have since smoothed things over.

"I started here and Cleveland was the first place to give me an opportunity, so I would love for it to be that way, " he said. "He's the head coach, I got a lot of support and respect for him".