Unemployment Rate in Lewis County Creeps Up According to Latest Data


The unemployment rate in Jefferson County in November was 3 percent, the lowest rate statewide, which was up four-tenths of 1 percent from 2.6 percent in October.

Scott County's jobless rate fared better than Clinton County's, which came in at 3.4 percent in November, down a point from a year ago. Deschutes County added around 2,300 jobs since November 2016, a gain of around 2.8 percent. Ripley County reported 3.5 percent and Franklin County ended November with 3.6 percent, Dearborn County had 3.7 percent and Switzerland County had 3.8 percent. Much of the job growth over the past year was in manufacturing (+150 jobs) and leisure and hospitality (+60 jobs).

The rates in five of Dubois County's neighboring counties - Crawford, Orange, Pike, Spencer and Warrick - rose in November while the rates in Daviess, Martin and Perry counties remained unchanged. Manufacturing is one of the major employment sectors in the county. Only Hamilton County had a higher rate at 9.9 percent. Meanwhile, the size of the county's labor force, a key factor in figuring and area's jobless rate, went down by about 600 people from a year ago.

Numbers from the Texas Workforce Commission indicate the county's labor force was 18,514 in November compared to the annual average of 18,825 in 2016 suggesting there are fewer people working or looking for work. In Briscoe the labor force was 514, down from 526 in October; in Castro the labor force 3,184, down from 3,296; Floyd was down to 2,603 from 2,663; Lamb saw a decrease to 4,946 from 5,024 and Swisher went down to 2,648 from 2,677.

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"Private-sector employers added 52,000 jobs in November and have accounted for the addition of 294,600 positions in Texas over the past year", said TWC Commissioner Representing Employers Ruth R. Hughs.

Employment in Education and Health Services increased by 8,200 positions. Those other states' rates were: OH, 4.8 percent (down from 5.1 percent); Kentucky, 4.7 percent (down from 5.0 percent); MI, 4.6 percent (up from 4.5 percent); and IL, 4.9 percent (unchanged).

The Boise MSA showed the strongest over-the-year percentage increase in nonfarm jobs, up 2.9 percent, followed by Pocatello, 2.2 percent; Idaho Falls and Lewiston, 1.7 percent; and Coeur dAlene, up 1 percent.