Paige Suffers Possible Shoulder Injury During WWE Live Show


Above is footage of Paige sustaining an injury at last night's RAW live event at the Nassau Coliseum. Meltzer says that Paige went down after a kick to the back from Sasha Banks, and that it appears Paige may have suffered just a stinger. She walked out of her own power as officials brought a stretcher to the ring. Paige struggled to get to her feet before falling to the mat, causing the referee to throw up the "X" injury signal and stop the match. Not only would another absence from Paige disrupt those plays, but it could also have a significant impact on Rose and Deville.

The match was stopped and declared a No Contest.

Considering her past battles with injuries, WWE will likely maintain a conservative protocol in regard to getting Paige back in action.

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What do you think of Paige's injury?

Paige is apparently alright today as she was seen at the hotel bar after the show and was feeling better, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

PWinsider reports the same and notes that she may be pulled from the remainder of the live events this week as a precautionary measure, especially given her history with neck issues. While we await further updates on her condition, us fans can only hope that the injury isn't serious nor something that will keep her out long-term.