Sid Meier's Civilization VI Now Available on the Apple iPad


Customers can download the 3.14 GB game and play the first 60 turns for free. It does come across as a surprise that the price of the game for iPad is the same as what is available for PC. The game right now is $29.99 with launch discount, with it jumping back to the full $59.99 price at a later date - that price tag also only includes the base game, it won't include previously released additional content.

The game itself is a long-time PC gaming staple, and the port to Apple's iPad is surprisingd. Civilization VI costs three times as much, though this isn't a stripped down port. The original game, for example, was released for around 9 platforms originally, finding itself ported to many years later due to its importance in strategy game history. The full list of compatible iPads can be found on the official App Store page of the game.

While an earlier cut-down entry in the franchise, Civilization Revolution, was available on consoles and tablets, this marks the first time a "full" flagship entry in the strategy franchise is playable on iOS.

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Civ VI is available now on the iOS App Store. While this may seem unusual for an iPad game, since it is the exact same thing which appeared on PC, it is kind of okay.

Civilization VI is the first in the Civilization series to be released for the iPad. And the team behind the partnership have assured players that the game itself has been completely reworked to specifically fit the iPad's control system.

According to a new FAQ page posted by the developer, the port does support multiplayer, but it is restricted to LAN play. Aspyr Media says it hopes to eventually support DLC and expansions on the iPad, but did not have any other details to share. Regarding add-on content, Aspyr said, "We hope to support DLC and expansions in the future but can not confirm timing or availability at this time".