Elon Musk jokes SpaceX rocket a 'nuclear' UFO from North Korea


A mysterious light appeared in the sky above California and surrounding areas last night. There is demonstrable proof that this was a terrestrial launch, and not an alien craft or even a UFO.

Multiple local law enforcement agencies have confirmed the flash of light was from the rocket launch, which blasted off from Vandenberg Air Force Base along California's Central Coast.

A SpaceX launch is seen from Altadena on December 22, 2017, in a photo taken by a KTLA viewer.

The lights from the rocket launch were visible at least as far as Arizona, and people there thought aliens were invading, as well. Many believed the plume to be an alien or UFO of some sort and reportedly, many cars stopped on freeways to take photographs and videos of this weird sight. But not everyone heard the news, which compounded the confusion.

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The same rocket carried Iridium satellites into orbit in June.

Musk tweeted that it was "definitely aliens" sharing a video of the launch with the caption "nuclear alien UFO from North Korea". That time, the first stage landed on a floating platform in the Pacific Ocean. This time, the rocket was allowed to plunge into the water. SpaceX plans to have all 75 satellites launched into orbit by mid-2018.

A SpaceX satellite launch lit up the sky captivating Southern California. The array will also include the Aireon aircraft tracking and surveillance system.