Blink, A Smart Camera and Doorbell Startup, Bought By Amazon


The deal, announced on Friday, gives Amazon a rising star in the emerging and highly competitive field of connected home devices that includes Alphabet's Nest.

Spotlighting its rising ambitions in Internet-connected home devices, Amazon has obtained the start-up of wireless security camera Blink.

Blink is best known for its wireless security cameras which originally launched on Kickstarter before quickly receiving over $1 million in funding. Since launching in early 2016, we've been thrilled by your response to our ultra-affordable, truly wire-free video home security cameras and monitoring systems. The campaign was a success, with Blink raising five times the amount it initially targeted.

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Blink devices even tend to cost less than those from rivals like Ring, as the new battery-powered doorbell only costs $100 while offering numerous same options. The company's plan is to also release a full home security system at some point in the near future. Financial terms weren't disclosed. It also launched a new Amazon Key service for people in some U.S. cities to allow a door to be unlocked when they're not home so packages can be left inside.

A specialist in low-power, easy-installation IoT devices seems like a good fit, therefore, if you were trying to think of ways to streamline adoption of Amazon Key.

Customers who already own a Blink system won't see any change, the company wrote. Blink could keep selling products under its own name, or we could see its tech migrated into Amazon-branded hardware. "We're excited to welcome their team and invent together on behalf of customers".