Bomb squad responds to manure-filled package sent to Mnuchin's LA home


Los Angeles police came to his Bel Air St. home in Los Angeles to investigate the package Saturday night.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin received a package over the weekend, but what was inside was less than festive. A Secret Service spokesman said the agency was aware of the incident but declined to comment further. While it was most definitely not the best Christmas present for the Mnuchin family, it definitely was for many folks on Twitter, who had a field day with the news.

The card did not contain a threat, but there was some kind of negative reference to Trump's $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, signed on December 22, according to multiple sources. There were no threats inside of the card. He was inside of his home at the time.

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It wasn't clear whether Mnuchin or his wife, Louise Linton, were inside the home at the time. His street, however, was closed temporarily. The package - which contained horse manure - was dropped off at a neighbor's house.

Officials with the Secret Service were expected to pick up the package today, the New York Daily News reported. "That's bad, they have to find another way".