Nintendo's Arms Gets Its Last New Character


Dr. Coyle enters the ring! Nintendo has kept mum on exactly what kind of updates are in store for the game aside from a new fighter, but as is usually the case with new Arms updates, there's probably more coming, too. This round comes as version 5.0 and includes a new character, stage, arms and more.

Her home stage is simply named [NAME REDACTED], and she brings three new ARMS to the fight: Lokjaw, Parabola and Brrchuk.

Unfortunately for Arms fans, the final update marks the last big one from Nintendo. Dr. Coyle seems pretty legit though, and says herself that she's "unstoppable" within today's trailer.

With the addition of Dr. Coyle, Nintendo has added specific lore based cutscenes in game explaining how some fighters came to be.

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Dr. Coyle happens to be the director of Arms Lab.

For Grand Prix LV7, the computer will start out strong right from the first match, as usual. It'll be interesting to see if the Party Crash events can help retain players, or if it will suffer a hard drop off without new content to look forward to.

Added new badges related to Dr. Coyle.

Fixed issue in online play where the healing area created by HP Juice would sometimes shift position.