United States imposed a Federal ban on Kaspersky


The campaign against Kaspersky was spearheaded by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, who said, "The case against Kaspersky is well-documented and deeply concerning". She called the company's software a "grave risk'" to US national security.

There have always been concerns that the Moscow-based security firm has links to the Russian government, although this is something the company strongly denies.

At the same time, the UK's National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has also issued a warning regarding the use of Kaspersky products by government agencies.

The Russian-based company denied working with Russian intelligence, but admitted that a bug in its antivirus software unintentionally swept up an NSA hacking tool during a malware scan of a customer's personal computer in 2014.

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Kaspersky Labs may laugh this one off: its stuff has already mostly been erased by some U.S. government agencies, and it has closed its Washington DC office in anticipation of federal sales efforts being futile.

US officials have said that step, while welcomed, would not be sufficient. It told Reuters in a statement that it has serious concerns about the law "due to its geographic-specific approach to cybersecurity" and is now assessing its options.

"Yet, Congress failed to address this fact or take a comprehensive look at federal IT sourcing policies to determine what improvements, if any, Congress could make to existing statutory and administrative authorities related to protecting government networks".

"Considering the grave risk that Kaspersky Lab poses to our national security, it's necessary that the current directive to remove Kaspersky Lab software from government computers be broadened and reinforced by statute", Democratic Sen. It's even reportedly shutting down its Washington DC office as a result of the crackdown.