Bitcoin mania: Google's top searches in 2017 dominated by digital currency craze


Google revealed Tuesday the list of its most searched topics of 2017, which included Hurricane Irma and disgraced "Today" show host Matt Lauer.

Matt Lauer appears NBC Today Show on November 17, 2017, in New York City.

USA politics, sport, hurricanes, solving a rubix cube, bus strikes, how to lose weight and the Antikythera mechanism occupied the minds of people in the Republic of Ireland this year according to Google's analysis of what was trending in 2017.

Cyclone Debbie, which hit north Queensland in March, was the biggest trending news search, while Hollywood media mogul Harvey Weinstein, was the global person Australians searched for most after sensational claims emerged in October about him sexually harassing and assaulting several actresses. Markle recently announced her engagement to Prince Harry.

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Former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was the second-most searched person in the losses category after his shocking suicide in April, with only musician Tom Petty topping him.

While the iPhone 8 appears to beat out the iPhone X, numerous searches for the iPhone 8 were likely for the iPhone X as the media was referring to Apple's flagship as the iPhone 8 until shortly before its unveiling. The number one search was Irma.

When it came to recipes, meat was our beef, with spaghetti Bolognese the most googled, followed by, chilli con carne and beef stroganoff. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X took the second and third spots, respectively, in the United States. The Las Vegas Shooting that killed at least 59 people and injured more than 500 was another dismal search.

In the top five most-asked questions this year, locals wanted to know everything ranging from "What is bitcoin?" and "What is junk status?" to "What role can the private sector play in poverty alleviation?"