Israel Destroys Hamas Tunnel from Gaza into Territory


The IDF announced on Sunday, 22 Kislev, another Hamas tunnel originating in Gaza and stretching into southern Israel has been discovered and destroyed.

Hamas has built a sophisticated network of terror tunnels in the Gaza Strip and running into Israel, used for storing weapons, smuggling and terrorist infiltrations into Israel.

He said the tunnel was not complete, but was "very substantial", equipped with electricity, communications equipment and a ventilation system.

Conricus said the tunnel was destroyed using a new system to detect, expose, and destroy tunnels.

Israeli police on Saturday said that one of two rockets fired from the Gaza strip on Friday was found in the courtyard of a vacant kindergarten in southern Israel.

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The Salafi Islamic terror group Tawhid al-Jihad, which has in the past sought to overthrow Hamas's rule in Gaza, later claimed responsibility for the rocket launches. The tunnel destroyed on Sunday ran hundreds of metres into Israeli territory and, though unfinished, was a new project that showed "a significant effort by Hamas", military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus told reporters.

"The Hamas terror organization is the address and is responsible for anything that occurs in the Gaza Strip", the military stressed.

"We monitored this tunnel for a long period of time", he said. It was located about a kilometer from an Israeli community.

It is the second terror tunnel neutralized in recent weeks. "I hope that in coming months the threat of the tunnels to the residents of the Gaza border area will become a thing of the past", he also said. The group threatened to retaliate against Israel for the deaths of its members.