Dodgers Reportedly "Most Likely" Landing Spot For Giancarlo Stanton


Problem is, Ellsbury is due to earn $63 million over three more seasons, which is why on Friday it was hard to find a baseball executive who could envision any such scenario.

Giancarlo Stanton has ruled out the San Francisco Giants. The team that does trade for him is likely going to have to pay most, if not all, of the remaining $295 million he has left over the deal's final 10 years. "While we are disappointed in his decision, we will continue to make every effort to improve our club for the upcoming season". The rumors that St. Louis and San Francisco have engaged in serious trade talks with Miami could mean nothing if the slugger decides he doesn't want to play for either team. Do they get desperate enough to eat a significant portion of his contract, to the point where the Dodgers - or even the Yankees - can't say no?

You never know. It was only four years ago the Yankees were making the same claims about getting under the luxury-tax threshold, only to panic over the fan reaction to letting Robinson Cano walk as a free agent and go on to spend wildly on free agents. However, it seems like a long shot to happen with them - at least at this time. Ultimately, he has the power to force a trade there if the Marlins are really that intent on trading him, and perhaps they would take on more of the contract than they would like to, or the Dodgers could throw in some high-salary veterans.

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They like Stanton very much but would clearly be looking for a (good) deal if they were to seriously entertain such a move, and the Marlins will want to give the Giants and Cardinals every chance first.

Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic and FOX reports, the 2017 NL MVP decided he will not accept deals to those two teams, but he will consider trades to the Los Angeles Dodgers or New York Yankees.