Eating cheese every day may actually be good for you


Like other dairy products, it contains a high amount of saturated fat - which has been recently connected to high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and heart disease. Researchers suggest that eating around 40 grams (or 1.41 ounces) of cheese every day could help to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Researchers from Soochow University in China studied 15 experiments from Europe and the U.S. which tracked the diet and health outcomes of over 200,000 people.

Overall, people who consumed high levels of cheese were 10 percent less likely to have a stroke and 14 percent less likely to develop coronary heart disease than participants who consumed no cheese.

Experts, however, warn that this is not linear - in short, the study does not mean that people should start consuming blocks of cheese to prevent heart disease. Moderate cheese eaters may live healthier lifestyles or have higher incomes, leading to reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, researchers pointed out.

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Dutch and Chinese scientists examined dietary data from more than 200,000 people and came up with a surprising result. Now, cheese-lovers can sleep well knowing that their midnight snack or post-night-out cheese fry indulgence is actually good for them. People with the greatest health benefits from cheese ate around 40 grams per day, which is the size of a matchbook.

Stewart was not involved in the study. Now, a new saturated fat has fallen under the scrutiny of researchers: cheese. The statistics are compared to people who never or rarely ate cheese.

Cheese contains vitamins A, K and D along with calcium, zinc, magnesium and protein.

Many types of cheese have high levels of probiotics which could lower inflammation. "There is some evidence that cheese - as a substitute for milk, for example - may actually have a protective effect on the heart". "But on the upside, a bit of cheese on a cracker doesn't sound unreasonable", Stewart said.