Amazon Prime Video App Launches on Apple TV


Ever since its first iteration, one of the Apple TV's major weaknesses has been its lack of an Amazon Video app. Apple listened to customer complaints, and promised way back in September that the service would make its way to the premium streaming box in question. Prime Video comes bundled with Amazon Prime, and users can join both for a yearly subscription of Rs 999.

Features of the new app include the ability to add videos to Your Watchlist (viewable on compatible devices), and next episode Auto Play while streaming series.

Amazon announced the app's availability today (Dec. 6), and laid out all the salient points.

Prime members in the U.S., U.K., Germany, Austria and Japan can use the app to watch videos purchased or rented from Amazon. Apple again acknowledged the impending release at its September event last month, but again failed to mention any specific release date and the app subsequently missed the release of the all-new Apple TV 4K.

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Amazon Prime Video service is now available on Apple TV, Apple announced Wednesday, saying it had finally made the service available on is set-top box. It wasn't until relatively recently at WWDC 2017 when Apple and Amazon belatedly said they had reached an agreement to develop a dedicated tvOS app for the Apple TV.

Amazon does not currently offer Apple TV hardware, but some suspect that may change now that Apple is supporting Amazon's video app. "With these exciting updates, plus our growing collection of 4K HDR movies on iTunes, we continue to deliver an unparalleled entertainment experience to Apple customers", he continued.

Google suggested in a statement that the move is due to Amazon not carrying Google products like Chromecast or Nest in its storefront.