BLACK MIRROR Season 4 Release Date Announced with New Trailer


So there will be some light relief in one episode that's "overtly comic, much more overtly comic than anything we've done". Read the rest of this first. And that's not all, as the streaming service has also revealed that the latest season of Charlie Brooker's acclaimed anthology series will arrive on December 29th; take a look at the posters and trailers here...

Since they are standalone stories, they can be watched in any order, although "Black Museum" is sprinkled with details that mean more if you have already seen the other stories. So far, it was only known that six new chapters he had prepared would see light before end of 2017. The show has played with the idea of publicly displayed memories before, in the episode "The Entire History of You". You'll have to wait until Season 4 drops to find out which one.

"Hang the DJ" follows two characters who live in a world where everyone is paired up using an advanced dating system. This is season 4's only "relationship" episode, but it doesn't reach the same ecstatic heights as season 3's Emmy-winning standout "San Junipero". It's vintage Brooker, too: happiness is fleeting and, supposedly, everything happens for a reason. "Metalhead" is a black-and-white episode all about being hunted by robot dogs, a la Boston Dynamic's Big Dog. At some point, a weighted sleeping bag containing god knows what gets thrown off a cliff.

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And finally, we have an isolated "criminological artifact" museum run by Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge, familiar from Penny Dreadful and The Night Manager).

So that's a lot to grapple with, but you have a few weeks to do it in, before everything is released.