See the only 2017 appearance of the supermoon


The Cold Moon appeared 14 per cent larger and 30 per cent brighter than usual across the planet.

When a Full Moon reaches its closest point to Earth on its orbit, it is called Supermoon. The supermoon will reappear on the celestial stage on January 1 and 31, 2018, NASA said.

The largest, brightest supermoon in 70 years is lighting up New Zealand's skies tonight. Pictures show the moon hanging over some of the world's most famous places and sights, looking nearly worryingly close to the Earth.

With the moon being as close to Earth as it is, there is a significant impact on the tides.

Here is a collection of photos from across Southeast Asia that show how photographers chose to document the only supermoon of 2017.

The Supermoon, Dec. 3, 2017.

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The time between perigees (an anomalistic month, about 27.555 days) does not align very well with the time between full moons (a synodic month, about 29.531 days).

Check out these handsome images of the supermoon from different areas of the world.

Washingtonians had to wait all year for a supermoon to come to town.

However, December's full moon is the only visible supermoon. That often causes the moon to shine with a reddish hue, in what's known as a 'blood moon'.

The supermoon yesterday was the third one of 2017, there was also one on January 12 and November 3. A Blue supermoon is said to occur when two full moons occur in the same month.