Burqa-clad Taliban terrorists attack college in Pakistan, at least five wounded


Three burqa-clad Taliban militants stormed the institute and opened indiscriminate fire, killing at least 12 people, half of them students, before being shot dead by security forces yesterday.

Photo The police and army responded to a terrorist attack on Friday at the Agriculture Training Institute on the University of Peshawar campus. Khyber Pakhtunkwa police chief Salahuddin Khan Mehsud was quoted by news agencies as saying six students, a security guard and five civilians were killed in the attack.

The Pakistani military has claimed that the attack on Peshawar agriculture institute was planned by terrorists in Afghanistan and Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan's claim is a proof for it.

The NATO-led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan reacted at the coordinated attack by the militants in Peshawar city of Pakistan, calling for more cooperation amongst nations.

After a two-hour firefight, the security forces said, all the attackers had been killed.

Witnesses described at least one explosion during the attack, which occurred while numerous remaining campus residents, about 120 out of 400, were asleep.

A Pakistani security official inspects the scene of the attack
A Pakistani security official inspects the scene of the attackARSHAD ARBAB EPA

"We took shelter inside the bedroom and were begging the injured student not to make any sound as the terrorists might hear it and kill us". "I got up and within seconds everybody was running and shouting "the Taliban have attacked", he said.

The gunmen also were killed, the BBC reported.

Noor Wali, a 19-year-old student at the institute, described a terrifying ordeal that began when he was woken by gunshots. "I rushed to the door and saw a fountain of blood pumping out of the shoulder of my roommate who was standing outside the room", he told AFP.

Wali and another student rushed to his aid, hiding from the gunmen for nearly an hour before they were rescued by security forces. The arrested suspects have been shifted to a police station and are being interrogated. Another three people died at Khyber Teaching Hospital and 17 wounded were there, director Nekdad Afridi said.

But security officials denied the claim that the university campus housed a secret intelligence facility.

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