Apple issues immediate fix to iOS update bug that causes restart loop


Apple has now released the 11.2 which is the second major update available for iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. An issue that prevented VoiceOver from announcing new notifications has also been fixed.

iOS 11.2 was released early Saturday.

'This is an iOS 11 bug'. Phones across the world running iOS 11 encountered a glitch that triggered at 12:15 a.m. local time. Many users faced this problem at the same time.

We have seen the last stable jailbreak of iOS 10.3.3, as for the iOS 11, there is a beta version of jailbreak that has been given to the public.

Many iPhone users woke up on December 2 to find their phones repeatedly crashing and rebooting, thanks to a bug in Apple's iPhone operating system (iOS) 11.1.2.

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Other additions in iOS 11.2 include Apple Pay Cash integration.

Emoji tweaks. iOS 11.1 brought a whole new slate of emoji, so no emoji changes were initially expected for this release, but Apple has included a number of design tweaks for certain existing emoji, as outlined on Emojipedia.

Besides this you get Apple Pay Cash, a peer-to-peer payment system introduced by the firm earlier this month. If you're unable to update, contact Apple support for help.

In order to start using this Apple Pay Cash Services, first you have to setup your account's details so you can send money though your account to the selected contacts.

One feature that will be arriving with the future update is Apple Pay Cash. Apple Pay Cash is only available in the United States, though it has not been activated in the country. In case you own an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or the iPhone X, the iOS 11.2 unlocks the 7.5W wireless charging when used with a Wireless Qi pad. It's a shoddy example of Apple rushing to fix a critical issue and not taking the time to test it properly. This new design element is aimed at making the Control Center easily accessible. It offers live integration to sports channels so you can easily watch out your favourite games through this app.