Red Raider Football Opponent Hit With NCAA Sanctions


In three interviews with enforcement officers past year, the sophomore Bulldogs linebacker said that during his recruitment he received free Ole Miss merchandise, free food and cash payments amounting to $10,000 from a prominent Rebels booster.

And this, on the subject of institutional control in the Ole Miss athletic department: "The women's basketball and women's track and field violations also demonstrate that this institution failed to exercise control over its athletics program".

With the additional postseason ban, it will have do forfeit that revenue once again this season.

Ole Miss had also self-imposed other punishments in anticipation of Friday's sanctions, including scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions.

Most debilitating in that regard is an additional bowl-ban season and the loss of 13 scholarships over the next three years.

"The University of MS lacked institutional control and fostered an unconstrained culture of booster involvement in football recruiting", the NCAA said in a release. reported that former coach Hugh Freeze received a one-year head coach restriction and a two-game suspension for conference games that only applies if he is the head coach.

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Every coach named in the NCAA's investigation has received a show-cause (essentially an NCAA blackball for a period of time).

Bjork also seemed to address the concerns of some fans and alumni who believe the university did not fight back hard enough against the NCAA investigation.

The Rebels are accused of 15 level 1 violations such as paying players to attend Ole Miss and providing extra benefits.

Both administrators declined to offer details about the change, but Bjork added, "We strongly disagree with the tactics used by the enforcement staff to keep us isolated in the final months of the investigation". But while it is a sad day for Ole Miss, it is also Day One of recovering and building for the future.

The Rebels went 6-6 in 2017 under interim coach Matt Luke, who replaced Freeze when the former Ole Miss coach was let go after the school discovered that he made improper calls from his university-issued cell phone.

The Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor for Intercollegiate Athletics met with media Friday afternoon and expressed anger and disappointment at the penalties imposed by the Committee on Infractions.

"While we continue to review the full report, we will vigorously appeal the 2018 postseason ban", the school said in response to the NCAA's release.