Jimmy Kimmel takes on Roy Moore: 'I accept the invitation'


Kimmel, in a scorching Thursday night monologue during "Jimmy Kimmel Live", criticized Moore over claims of sexual misconduct levied against the longtime Alabama judge.

Others including longtime aides and attorneys are helping Moore fight allegations that are threatening his campaign. Kimmel replied: "Sounds great Roy - let me know when you get some Christian values and I'll be there!"

Jake Byrd, a frequent character on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" attended a church event in Alabama, featuring Moore, but was kicked out for his overly enthusiastic behavior. We need these people, these high profile American citizens and TV hosts, to be out there every day, not only talking about these issues, but openly fighting back and mocking them, like Kimmel is doing, to remind this country just how disgusting the Republican Party has truly become. And if you are, I accept, by the way.

Kimmel went on to reference a rumor that Moore was banned from an Alabama mall for his interactions with underage girls, and he agreed to meet Moore at that same mall with a group of cheerleaders.

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He joked that he would be accompanied by "nubile cheerleaders" and if Moore could contain himself, they'd sit down at the food court to talk Christian values over Panda Express. There is no one I would rather fight than you.

"If you are, I accept by the way. I will put my Christian values aside just for you and for that fight". Kimmel promises to wear a girl scout uniform so Moore has "something to get excited about".

"And the victor, whoever wins the fight, will give all the money we charge for the tickets to charity".

Moore has been accused by multiple women of either molesting or trying to date them when they were teenagers.