Roy Moore comes roaring back in recent poll


Jimmy Kimmel sent a comedian to interrupt a Roy Moore campaign rally in Alabama on Wednesday and now the embattled U.S. Senate candidate is fighting mad.

Jimmy Kimmel has issued a response to Roy Moore's tweet, reading "Sounds great Roy - let me know when you get some Christian values and I'll be there!"

"He was reportedly so flirtatious with young girls when he was in his thirties they put him on a watch list at the mall", Kimmel said of Moore during an opening monologue two weeks ago. He said that did not only include Democrats and Washington Republicans, but also encompassed "lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender ... who want to change our culture". It's unclear, but he pulled out the classic "man's man" line, "say that to me my face". They are socialists who want to change our way of life. "They want to keep everything the same so they don't lose their position, power and prestige". "I am not getting rewarded from your political opponents", Corfman wrote in a letter.

During Moore's presentation at the church, a heckler interrupted him, yelling, "The entire time, all the girls are lying?" the man shouted.

The back-and-forth with Kimmel represented the most detailed questioning Moore has faced from a hostile interviewer since the original allegations were published by the Washington Post.

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"I would remind everyone again that this is a worship service", Gonnella said.

The White House had distanced itself from Moore in recent weeks, and several high-profile Republicans called on him to quit the race altogether, following several allegations of sexual misconduct.

Trump has yet to offer an explicit endorsement of Moore, but has appeared to offer support, telling reporters last week "we don't need a liberal person in there, a Democrat" and saying Democratic candidate Doug Jones would be a "puppet" of Democratic leaders if elected.

Barbieri's prankster character has been used multiple times on Kimmel's show, usually in field segments where he appears at major events, such as Donald Trump's inauguration, the 2016 Republican National Convention and the presidential debate in Last Vegas previous year.

"Well, he denies it", Trump said. "He says it didn't happen".