Google Bans Android Apps That Show Lockscreen Ads


The onus is now on users to carefully vet the lock screen apps they choose to install on their devices if they want to keep such annoying ads behind them. Datally is an initiative of Google's Next Billion Users division, which aims to make Internet services more accessible in developing countries with limited technology infrastructure. Google did not specify when it will start pulling apps from the store that break this policy, but it's expected that a formal announcement will be made in the following days.

In addition to Data Saver, Datally has another feature called Find Wi-Fi.

"Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world". But people will still complain about data usage. The top-line function is to give you the big number - the amount of data you used today - see which apps contribute to that number and, if need be, shut off any app from the feed through a VPN.

What I know about data saving is that it is all dependent on how you use your phone. Keep in mind Google Datally is now available only for Android users. These processes are mainly handled by apps that are installed and accessed by different built-in services like Calendar, Camera, Contacts, etc. Switching on Data Saver blocks background data and lets users fully control which apps use data. It also shows app-wise data consumption, i.e., YouTube, Instagram, Chrome, etc. See your usage on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and get personalized recommendations for how you can save more.

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Some Datally functionality is available within the settings pages of Android smartphones, but Woodward said he expects the specialized app will make it easier to understand the options.

Via an update to the Google Play Developer Policy Center, Google has banned apps from the Play Store that show ads on the lockscreen. If you are using Android, you can also limit your data consumption by navigating to Settings Mobile data usage and set a data limit.

And lastly, Datally also tells users if they are near public Wi-Fi so that they can save on data.