Oregonians contributed to Project Veritas, organization behind botched Washington Post sting


James O'Keefe of Project Veritas name and fame tried to out The Washington Post in an undercover video and audio recording as biased against Roy Moore, on an intentional witch hunt to take down the Alabama candidate.

The newspaper's editors made the extraordinary decision to publish and expose Phillip's off-the-record communications once they were confident she was part of an intentional scam targeting their reporters. "We always honour "off-the-record" agreements when they're entered into in good faith", executive editor Martin Baron was quoted as saying.

"It says that you're moving to NY, and you've accepted a job to work in the conservative media movement to combat the lies and deceit of the liberal MSM", McCrummen said. It's fun watching her confront her interlocutor with evidence of a GoFundMe titled "Help Me Move to NY to Infiltrate Liberal Cunt's Stupid Vagina Show", although it's a little less fun than watching McCrummen pull essentially the same move in real life. Moore's alleged misconduct came to light after an investigation by The Washington Post, which recounted stories of women who claimed Moore molested or harassed girls as young as 14. She's positively thrilled to have encountered one of O'Keefe's bad operatives, and finds the whole thing charming and flattering, which wasn't really an available option for a real reporter like McCrummen.

On Monday morning, Post reporters saw Phillips walk into the NY offices of Project Veritas. "And are you in contact with other people, are you in contact with the Roy Moore campaign, or Steve Bannon, or Breitbart?".

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The above web page was a GoFundMe account seeking to raise money for a woman named Jaime Phillips's relocation to NY. The woman said Moore sexually assaulted her when she was 15 and then drove her to MS for an abortion. I'll be using my skills as a researcher and fact-checker to help our movement.

The Post reported that she claimed to work for NFM Lending in Westchester County, New York. And here's the capper: After the Post confronted Mr. O'Keefe about this deception, he posted a video purporting to show how he was victimized and bullied by the reporter. Project Veritas, which is run by conservative activist James O'Keefe, is registered as a non-profit.

Another top official at the group is former television producer Robert J. Halderman, who was sentenced to six months in jail in 2010 after he was accused of trying to blackmail late-night host David Letterman. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders cited the group's controversial video about CNN as proof that the media organization is exaggerating reports about Russian collusion back in June.

The Post, while asking Phillips for documents and corroboration, uncovered discrepancies in her account, including a GoFundMe page in which she said would be joining the conservative media movement. That publication told the Post it had no knowledge or record of Phillips interviewing for a job there. Moore has denied the allegations and has rejected pressure from fellow Republicans to drop out of the special election to be held in December.