Fortnite Becomes Xbox One X Enhanced With Newest Patch


Fortnite developer Epic Games have promised battling cheaters is their highest priority, but the publisher may have overstepped in their quest to keep their hugely popular online survival game legit. The "derivative works" that Epic Games claim the boy has built for cheating purposes can not be proven, the mother argues. Though Epic's aims were to clean up the experience and eliminate problems like third-party aimbots and paid cheating software, an unforeseen issue is the fact that Epic's lawsuit involves an individual that is considered a minor and can not legally be sued. Rogers then proceeded to challenge this takedown request, which put Epic into the position of either dropping the claim or file a suit against him, with the latter being the company's choice. "As stated previously, we take cheating seriously, and we'll pursue all available options to make sure our games are fun, fair, and competitive for players".

While taking cheaters to court is a rather curious avenue for Epic to peruse, it appears that the company may have bitten off more than it can chew with its legal fight.

Fortnite's mode has an identical structure to PUBG, with 100 players air-dropped into a huge, gradually shrinking arena where they must find items to help them emerge as the sole survivor or surviving squad. One of the main ones is that the company is trying to use her son and others as scapegoats instead of focusing on stopping cheaters. She acknowledged that her son showcased those cheats during a live stream session via YouTube. However, this week some more details about the case came to light, including the fact that one of the defendants is just 14 years old.

Finally, Epic Games was accused by the mother of Caleb of using his son as a scapegoat, instead of going after the websites that offer these cheat codes and profit from sales. Contract law generally prohibits entering into a business agreement with a minor, which would more or less make Epic's claims null and void. For children with unfettered access to the internet, this is an especially troublesome gray area resulting in a minefield for parents and corporations alike.

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Epic Games explained that this means the visuals of the game will be similar to the PC version when it is set to epic quality.

How Epic plans to handle it will be telling, not just because it illustrates how far a company might go to take a YouTube video down, but because it shines a spotlight on the rights and responsibilities of minors.

You see, the poor cheater is only 14.