YouTube Takes down more videos as concern over kids' videos grows


YouTube is working at a feverish pace to rid its platform of a problem that threatens the brand's reputation.

The Times reports that BT, Adidas, Deutsche Bank, eBay, Amazon, Mars, Diageo and Talktalk are among dozens of brands whose adverts appear on the videos, which are published on the Google-owned platform. It also "turned off comments on more than 625,000 videos targeted by child predators".

As with YouTube's reaction to hate videos, the takedowns and policy enforcement measures are welcome, but also relatively late - they're coming as advertisers are pulling out and the damage has already been done.

Another ad exodus happened this past spring when ads appeared next to videos with extremist content.

Since then, YouTube told VICE that they have "terminated more than 270 accounts and removed over 150,000 videos from our platform in the last week".

"Pedophiles flock to such content, however, by searching for certain keywords in Russian that can bring up hundreds of young Slavic girls", The London Times reported.

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Speaking with Variety, a spokesperson for HP blasted Google after learning that YouTube had placed a company ad "in a awful and inappropriate context".

A representative for HP told Variety that they have strict brand safety protocols in place across all online advertising, including YouTube.

Finally, Google has made the YouTube Go public. Some big advertisers, including AT&T, have not run any ads on YouTube since March. To have that equity destroyed or degraded by sub-optimum controls by any media vendor, ad-tech supplier or publisher is totally unacceptable to the ANA and its members.

This comes shortly after YouTube was found to be autofilling search results with pedophiliac terms; for example, when a user searched something like "how to", the autocomplete generator suggested "have s*x kids" and "have s*x with your kids".

In response, YouTube said, it has terminated more than 50 channels and have removed thousands of videos under its new kid-safe guidelines which it outlined in a blog post titled "5 ways we're toughening our approach to protect families on YouTube and YouTube Kids".