Global Entrepreneurship Summit set to get under way


Pitching for access to capital and equitable laws for women entrepreneurs, the 36-year-old businesswoman and fashion designer said closing the gender entrepreneurship gap could push the global GDP by up to two per cent.

"Despite the soaring rate of female entrepreneurs, women still face steep obstacles to starting, owning, and growing their businesses", she said.

Ivanka Trump arrived in Hyderabad, India, on Tuesday for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, a three-day gathering sponsored by the State Department.

President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump walk on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, D.C., before their departure to Milwaukee, June 13.

Ivanka will be leading a delegation of senior Trump administration officials and entrepreneurs at the three-day Summit in Hyderabad beginning tomorrow.

The Global Entrepreneurship Summit is an annual event that gathers emerging entrepreneurs, investors and supporters from around the world.

The three-day event, being co-hosted here by the United States and India, is being attended by 1,500 entrepreneurs, investors and eco-system supporters from 159 countries.

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Modi stressed the importance of women in Indian economics and culture and noted that the Indian Constitution guarantees one-third representation to women in local government.

Trump's visit was treated like a royal affair in India, and Hyderabad prepped for her by cleaning up its streets, banning begging and shuffling thousands of street people into shelters or rehab. This facility would provide access to capital, networks, and mentorship for women in developing countries, she said.

She praised her father's administration, saying it promotes greater opportunity for women around the world through "domestic reforms and our worldwide initiatives".

"Our administration is committed to empowering women entrepreneurs through domestic reforms", she said.

"You are rewriting the rules", she said and went on to talk about this year's GES theme.

She also lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his belief that progress of humanity is incomplete without the empowerment of women.

Billboards with pictures of Ivanka dotted many parts of Hyderabad which is also home to major USA firms such as Microsoft. Now her company, Terra Blue, aims to make specialty healthcare accessible in even the most remote places in India.