Hundreds of United States massage therapists accused of sexual assault


"Massage Envy is a partner in crime", Ingram said, due to protecting the alleged sexual predators.

Susan Ingram says her masseur turned into a sexual predator during her seventh visit with him at another Massage Envy location in 2015.

The therapist she claimed assaulted her is now in prison after pleading guilty to assaulting nine women while employed by Massage Envy, the ABC News story said.

She was one of three women featured in the "Today" segment claiming similar humiliating experiences at Massage Envy franchise location, after a BuzzFeed report was published this weekend that the chain is dealing with more than 180 cases of sexual assault. But according to BuzzFeed most sexual misconduct allegations have been ignored, while the employees in question have been able to keep their jobs. "She said she could not do that, and she invited me in to talk about my services.I said to her, 'Nicole, ' he stuck his fingers in my vagina less than an hour ago'".

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However, it turns out a number of those massages have crossed the line, and now 180 women are coming out with accusations stating they were sexually assaulted while under the parlor's care. "Put his hands down to the lower part of my body", Ingram recently told the news station.

The American Massage Therapy Association told BuzzFeed that "anyone who feels there may be inappropriate behavior to call the local police immediately" and that "any massage therapist who steps over the line to inappropriate touch should face the legal consequences". When she called the Massage Envy location to report the incident the manager refused to interrupt the current session Deiter was having with a client or to connect Ingram with the owner. Deiter was sacked after Ingram filed a police report. One California woman also said she was sexually assaulted during a prenatal massage.

Former Massage Envy employees court filings say that the company isn't liable for sexual assaults because of the franchising agreements, but attorneys for the victims argue that the company trains the employees and establishes operational policies.

The victims according to the findings say they reported the assault to management but authorities were never contacted.