CNN's Brian Stelter Calls Trump Tweet "Invitation To Harass" Journalists


It's not CNN's job to represent the U.S to the world.

President Donald Trump wants to award news outlets a "fake news trophy" for what he perceives as "dishonest" and "corrupt" media coverage of him. In this particular instance, he went even further, stating that CNN International reflects poorly on the United States to the rest of the world and adding that other countries don't see the truth from them.

The tweet garnered thousands of reactions.

This is not the first time the U.S. cable news channel, which rarely reports favorably on the current president, has heard such criticism.

From time to time, throughout Trump's presidency, there have been these flashpoints - periods where he tweets insults at the national news media, advising his supporters not to believe what they read and hear. One, all of mainstream media is "fake news", a term that he falsely claimed to have invented.

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When Acosta pushed Trump on the question, the president said, "I like real news, not fake news".

Former FBI director James Comey tweeted out a quote about freedom of the press by the former president and founding father, Thomas Jefferson, shortly after President Donald Trump railed against CNN on Twitter.

CNN senior worldwide correspondent Clarissa Ward followed that up by highlighting that she was anxious that the president's words could have a perilous impact on journalists in hostile areas of the world.

This week, the Department of Justice challenged a merger between AT&T and Time Warner, which owns CNN. But this time, CNN shut him down brutally. Trump tweeted Monday morning.

On Monday, Trump also criticized MSNBC's Morning Joe.