Record heat on Thanksgiving in Salt Lake City


And that was apparent on Wednesday, as temperatures soared into the 90's, breaking several local records.

Many parts of the region hit new records for the day including downtown 92 degrees, Long Beach at 96, UCLA at 95, Woodland Hills at 93 and Oxnard at 97.

A mini heat wave has set the stage for an uncommonly warm Thanksgiving Day in the Southland, where some longtime holiday heat records could fall.

The San Francisco/Monterey weather office said conditions were also warm for this time of year across its region, especially south of San Francisco Bay, with many highs in the 80s and 70s. It will be cooler than Wednesday - especially along the coast - but still hot and dry. While the extent of this cooler weather is still uncertain, daytime highs should drop much closer to average and nighttime lows will likely be the coldest we've seen since last Spring.

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The highest temperature ever recorded on Thanksgiving in downtown Los Angeles was 90 degrees on November 26, 1903.

Forecasters said heat records could also be set Thursday in downtown Los Angeles, Burbank, Lancaster and Palmdale.

The high-pressure ridge is predicted to weaken over the weekend, and near-normal temperatures should return by Monday, Sirard said.