Salvation Army serves hot meals to those in need


Another 2,500 will eat a meal packed by one of dozens of volunteers, some of whom are here for the first time.

A sign that the smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.

Over 200 volunteers are expected to participate in the program at the Salvation Army, doing everything from cooking to serving to cleaning.

"Over the last couple years what we've learned is that this community, Charlottesville, just wants to make sure that everyone has a place to celebrate Thanksgiving", said Shiels.

The Lynchburg Salvation Army is preparing to serve a special Thanksgiving meal to the community on Thursday. "We really wanted to do something to support the city of Hot Springs", club President Roosevelt "CHI Town" Hadley said.

"I had so much fun", the veteran volunteer said.

"It's very nice, it's a good feeling, I think it's a wonderful thing that they do for people".

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Jamye Sheppard, executive director of Haywood Habitat for Humanity, said Belk's new corporate giving policy is news to her.

Ervin Whitehead is grateful to finally get to sit around a table together with his wife and kids for Thanksgiving.

The Salvation Army kicked off their annual Christmas Kettle Campaign on Wednesday. "She tells FOX5", We never know we could be there someday and if I'm ever, you, or anybody else, they're will be somebody there to help us".

Naty Bali said she always manages to get the prettiest placemat prepared by students in the community schools.

"Unfortunately we have to send people away because we don't have the beds available to fill the need of our men in the community".

His daughter Jazmine said "It means that I can help someone in need because everyone gets the feeeling of love and togetherness".