Justice League disappoints in its opening weekend


While this year's biggest and DC's best so far, Wonder Woman had an opening of $103.3 million (beyond expectations), last year's Suicide Squad and BvS: Dawn of Justice had an even more stronger debut of $133.7 million and $166 million, respectively. It averaged around $23,000 in its 4,051 theaters, boosted by its IMAX screenings which contributed $10.3 million to the movie's domestic take.

Justice League was beset with challenges, it saw extensive re-shoots that resulted in the final production budget coming in at about $300-M. It's not a spoiler at this stage to say that Superman returns to the land of the living in Justice League, though the subsequent discussion around his return has focused as much on Cavill's awkwardly CGI-erased mustache in the film as the movie's actual portrayal of a reborn Superman. Sometimes it's the marketing of a movie that can be blamed for poor box office, or the release date.

At the worldwide box office, "Justice League" faired much better where it took in $51.7 million in China and scored the second biggest premiere for a Warner Bros. title following last year's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice". But there's a five-day Thanksgiving weekend approaching, where blockbuster films rarely lose much of their hold. So, roughly, Justice League would need to make around $450 million simply to hit the break-even mark (it's now at $281 million worldwide). But you may be asking, how is nearly $100 million a disappointment?

Goldstein said he is also encouraged by a few factors, including the overall B+ CinemaScore, the fact that women, who accounted for 42 percent of the audience, gave it an A- overall, and that Saturday earnings were up from Friday's.

One would have to assume that it would be unlikely for Warner Bros.to release Snyder's original cut (especially if he felt himself that it wasn't up to scratch), but if the petition does get enough support, perhaps we'll see an (Original) Director's Cut one day? "Wonder", starring Jacob Tremblay as a fifth grader with a facial deformity, received an A+ CinemaScore with an audience that was 68% female and 66% over 25.

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Disney and Marvel's "Thor: Ragnarok" fell to third place in weekend three with $21.8 million, bringing its North American total to $247.4 million.

Rounding out the top five - and continuing their battle from last week - are Paramount's paternal comedy Daddy's Home 2, with about $14.8 million, and Fox's whodunit Murder on the Orient Express, with about $13.8 million.

Sony's opening of its faith-based animated drama "The Star" came in above expectations in sixth place with $10 million at 2,837 sites.

Roman J. Israel, Esq. opened to muted numbers.