April the giraffe may be pregnant AGAIN — GMA reveal


This spring, April the giraffe made everyone on social media anxious for waiting for the birth of her calf, watching the giraffe cam for 65 days.

By the time she gave birth on April 15, the giraffe had captured millions of fans - all of whom tuned in to watch the culmination of her pregnancy. She became a sensation, inspiring copycat pregnant humans and even April merchandise.

Park owner Jordan Patch hinted to "Good Morning America" on Thursday that the giraffe's baby boy, Tajiri, could be getting another sibling soon.

When asked whether April is indeed pregnant again on Friday, park spokesman Stephen Donnelly simply repeated Patch's initial response.

"I can not confirm nor deny the possibility of another pregnancy", Patch told the morning show hosts. Adding, "Are we ready for another giraffe cam, world?" He said it's too early to tell.

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Initially, YouTube removed April's feed, but it was restored again in March leading people to tune in daily for a chance to see her give birth, which was originally expected to happen in March.

Then, finally, on April 15, the giraffe welcomed a baby boy, which was named Tajiri.

He says that if April does conceive, the camera will likely move to another exhibit until she gets further along in her pregnancy.

Although it has yet to be confirmed, April, who resides in Harpulsville, New York's Adventure Park Zoo, could be having another baby. Animal Adventure Park recently said on Facebook that Tajiri is now 10 feet tall and "is a strong echo of mom, April's, personality". "Oliver and April are sharing space, nature can take its course and should it call on us, we'll be ready", said Patch.